• Prayer: A Contagion of Hope

  • Christ Our Light!

    Your light rises in our darkness and assures us that you are present with us
    and that your powerful closeness to us transforms our fear into hope.

    May we join with our Holy Father, Francis, in spreading a “contagion” of
    hope “from heart to heart”.

    Protect all your selfless servants who continue to serve the needs of the
    most vulnerable by both hands and heart.

    Give our elected leaders wisdom of heart in decision-making that the
    common good of our human family may be achieved and the gift of each
    person’s human dignity respected.

    May the new Easter fire of love, energy and resilience burn within our
    hearts so that we may give witness to the mystery of your resurrected life
    among us and within us.


    Sister Deborah Troillett